The Death of Hymie Weiss: Al Capone’s revenge

With Torrio out of the way, the trio of Weiss, Drucci and Moran made Capone their target and launched one attack after another on him. Capone was repeatedly lucky to escape with his life. Naturally, he fought back.

Weiss, somewhat remarkably, lived for nearly two years after the gang war started before being shot right across the street from Schofield’s Flowers, where Dean had been killed.

Lookouts had been stationed in the next building north of Schofields. Shots fired out the window hit five people and killed 2 of them – including Weiss.

Photo of the building with lines tracing the path of the bullets – the flower shop is visible on the left.


Diagram of the crime and getaway routes of both the killers AND surviving victims.
The crowd gathers around the body of the other victim: Paddy Murphy.

The cornerstone of Holy Name Cathedral, across the street, was badly damaged in the asault. It’s been fixed up today, except for one hole that is said to be a bullet hole still in place from the hit. People tend to refer to it as the real deal, though commenters disagree, and I find it a bit unlikely myself.

next: the death of Machine Gun McGurn….

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One thought on “The Death of Hymie Weiss: Al Capone’s revenge

  1. Not a bullet hole but a plaque holder.
    Bullets from a .45 caliber thompson do not make perfect holes like that.

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