My new book, Ghosts of Chicago, was published by Llewellyn Worldwide in September, 2013. It’s a down-to-earth critical examination of what we really know, and how we know it, about some of Chicago’s most famous ghost stories from a historian’s perspective, including TONS of never before published information.


 – New information about the famous “woman in white” photo at Bachelor’s Grove cemetery, including an interview with the photographer.
– A database of recorded Resurrection Mary sightings, some lost since the 1930s, with some fascinating analysis. Is there any reason to think it’s a girl named Mary?
– Fascinating new data about Julia Buccola-Petta, The Italian Bride.
– Tales of hauntings at the H.H. Holmes murder castle site and his north-side “body dump.”
– A separation of the fact and fiction surrounding Hull House ghostlore.
– Chilling new stories about the Congress Hotel’s ghostly past and present.
Never-before-published historical ghost stories from Chicago’s dark past. What was the ghost in the old city hall that captured national interest in the 1860s? Could it be a ghost from Lincoln’s funeral, or from a botched early hanging?
– Ghosts of the old city gallows.
– New information about the tomb of Ira Couch, including (for the first time) photographs of the inside.
– Newly uncovered first-hand sightings and primary sources.
– Suggested places to investigate.
– Gruesome Chicago grave robbing tales.
– An analysis of various gangster ghost stories that have circulated over the years.
– Many never-before-published photos.
– Something new for even the most dedicated Chicago ghost hunter!
– and so much more!

From I Heart Reading:
THE GHOSTS OF CHICAGO one of the most thoroughly researched, in-depth books I’ve ever read about ghosts and hauntings….Mr. Selzer writes with a hint of humor, and his writing is very entertaining and not condescending at all (a complaint I often have about authors of true haunting books). He isn’t as interested in semi-scientific ghost hunter equipment like EVP meters and such as he is about feeling the vibe of a place, visiting the spots where stories originated from and figuring out for himself whether or not a place qualifies as creepy. I loved that. Sometimes ghost hunters lose themselves in semi-scientific rambling without staying focused on the task at hand: telling us about the ghosts. Mr. Selzer definitely has no problems with that.

I’m still amazed by how well-researched this book was, how the writing seemed to flow with an astonishing ease, and how much I enjoyed the overall experience. An excellent read for fans of traveling, ghosts, mystery and history

From Simply Bookish:

I want to start out how impressed I am that this book was so thoroughly researched. The author did tons of research not only for the history but also the various tales told for these ghost tales.
The books I have read recently did not seem to be so thoroughly researched. Most of them seemed to be nothing more than stories retold but packaged in the author’s own words. This book does not have this. The author went beyond all means to deliver a book with sightings, history, and thorough research …Five stars.

Pre-order today and be ready for Halloween and the upcoming Ghost Conference at the Portage Theatre! 

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