The Terrible Gennas Part 3

Very shortly after the lavish funeral of Angelo Genna, the war was back on. It wasn’t long at all before Mike “The Devil” Genna was killed in a shoot-out with the police.

Shortly thereafter, Tony Genna got a call to come to a meeting at a grocery store at Grand and Aberdeen (where the Mark’s Pest Control building is now – easily seen from the interstate). He was shot outside of it by assailants who still aren’t known – by this time, the Gennas had so many enemies that it was anyone’s guess which GANG had had him killed. Vincent Drucci was the initial suspect, but others say Capone had personally ordered the hit.

Tony was given a MUCH quieter funeral than his brothers had – the brothers seemed to be out of money by then. Very small services were held at the De Cola Funeral Home (where Bar Casablana is now near Grand and Racine), and he was transported without ceremony to the family crypt at Mt. Carmel.

Samuzzo “Samoots” Amatuna was a known enemy of the Gennas – but he was actually working for them. He took over the operations of the gang unti a few months later, when he was fatally shot by Vincent Drucci in a barber shop. Capone and the North Siders (Led by Weiss, Drucci and Moran – then just Drucci and Moran when Weiss was killed, and just Moran when Drucci was killed) kept up the war over the Genna’s territory until Capone went to prison.

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